• Dimensions : 250 x 110 x 52 cm
  • Material : 20 liter cans
  • Year of edition : 2014
  • Number of copies : 4 Artist’s proofs
  • Description : “… and there is gasoline. Yes, we have invented a fuel now essential to our identification. A mixture of kerosene, naphthene and olefin.
    Why not perceive the human body in relation to its limits? Thick, red gasoline cans are stacked into a mechanized human form.
    The parts are more important than the whole because, as you construct our images, it is the gears of technology that define us – not the softness of our skin, heart and nervous system.
    We are larger than life because we are made of gas cans – deep red cans. Until the time we no longer need gasoline. Until we don’t need its cans.
    But you know all that. You always have. “Translation of “Variations on Jerry” by John Ransom Phillips (New York artist and writer) by Michel Remy
  • Price range  : (> 10 000 €)
  • Include a link to the press article: PDF file attached (sports-car-market.PDF)


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