Hervé NYS was born in Cagnes-sur-Mer in 1960.

Born of agricultural parents, he quickly learns that the land is low. His taste for mechanics allowed him to repair the equipment to improve the condition.

In 1978, he receives a Diploma in Agricultural Vocational Studies.

In 1980, as military service was compulsory, he chooses to join the Aéronavale to pursue his studies in mechanics. He repairs the Super-Etendard, Fouga Magister at Salon de Provence. It is here that his passion for custom culture was also born.

In 1987, he quit the army, gets married and becomes a machine operator in a family-owned leather goods shop. He operated cutting and printing presses. In this way, he came in contact with the world of fashion by creating trendy patterns according to the seasons and created new printing dyes. After his divorce, he started over and returned to his first passion by buying and modifying some cars and motorcycles. He finds employment in 1994 and becomes a chiseler in a lost wax art foundry, discovering a world totally unknown to the general public. He worked in close collaboration with internationally renowned artists (Kees Verkade, Franta, Hans Hedberg, Nicolas Lavarenne, Miki Toshiharu, Marion Burkle, Cyril de la Patellière, …). In the next 10 years his skills are enriched by all the creations of these artists and acquires mastery in molding, chiseling and patina.

In 2004, he leaves the foundry to become assitant to Sacha Sosno (Artist at l’Ecole de Nice) until his death (2013). Parallely, he develops his own art based on his first passions, mechanics and nature, using mechanics as a support.

He sculpts our collective memory with humor and reminds us that man wants to tame, to dominate everything, to go faster, higher, farther … His career gave rise to new sculptures in contemporary art. 

Every year his work is seen in car and contemporary art shows such as Retromobile Paris – Le Mans Classic – Epoqu’auto Lyon – Padova – ….

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