Art Leasing

What if art was the key

to your tax exemption ?

Professionals, make your premises an open window into the world of art and culture.

And discover an innovative solution combining pleasure and tax exemption thanks to leasing applied to artworks.


  • An innovative approach
  • Complete customization of your premises
  • Personalized financing plan
  • The option of financing a work of art by living artists at your discretion
  • No limitation on amount eligible for tax exemption*.
  • 100 % of rents deductible from taxable profits
  • Safeguarding your personal and professional finances.
  • Maximum tax exemption
  • Creation of artistic heritage

* We ensure a balance between your revenues, the value of the artwork to be financed and the monthly instalments.

Today, investing in art is part of a real asset management strategy. This method of financing, reserved for professionals, is considered as a “Pleasure” investment.

Leasing of works of art is a flexible tool that is extremely appreciated by professionals as it allows them to spread out their expenses and does not alter their borrowing capacity in any way!

Rents are recorded as expenses deductible from taxable income, in the scope of fit-outs and decoration of professional spaces. “The tax department classifies the leasing of artwork in the same category as operating expenses.”

Give personality to your business premises by exhibiting artwork that resembles you, that will allow you to enhance your spaces and convey the culture of the company, while providing your employees with a pleasant and stimulating work environment. By giving a unique look to your establishment, you show a positive, dynamic and new image of your company to your partners and customers, and get the opportunity to attract new prospects.

As a professional,
offer yourself the luxury
of a customized artistic design !

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