• Dimensions : 17 x 34 x 15 cm
  • Material : Mixed technique.
  • Year of edition : 2012
  • Number of copies : Single piece
  • Description : The cougourdon, in Nice, is the calabash, the dry squash and hard as wood. The Ferrero Gallery, in the playful and good-natured spirit of the Ecole de Nice, wanted to give this venerable gourd a facelift. About thirty contemporary artists were asked to revisit the theme of the gourd. Most of the artists worked directly on the squash with paint, collage or various materials, others reproduced it in ceramic or paper, and a few made it the subject of their photographs. The gourd, a trendy object! The exhibition had no commercial purpose, no work was for sale. All the artists participated voluntarily in this project by offering their work to the gallery to constitute a unique collection that can be presented regularly, in its entirety. Participating artists : Altmann, Aral, Bombardieri, Bontempi, Broquet, Cairaschi, Citoleux, Chaix, Champollion, Cho, Danloux, Duvert, Eli, Faz, Gilli, Graff, Hierro, Kiritza, Laveri, Martinez, mas, Moya, Nikolli, Ninon, Nivese, Nys, Oldenbourg, Palmero, Pons, Rouguisto, Saint-Meard, Schumacher, Serigne, Sosno, Taburchi, Thibaudin, Ben, Ultra violet, Wydler
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