• Dimensions : 60 x 25 x 15 cm
  • Material : Resin + miniature
  • Year of edition : 2016
  • Number of copies : 4 Artist’s proofs
  • Description : The Bugatti family is a great family of creators. The two most famous are : Ettore Bugatti, a car manufacturer and his brother Rembrandt Bugatti, an animal sculptor. The latter committed suicide at a very young age. To pay a tribute to him, Ettore Bugatti had a sculpture of his brother (an elephant) reduced to the scale of a mascot and placed on the radiator cap of his most prestigious car, the Bugatti Royale (the most beautiful car in the world). Here, Rembrandt’s elephant keeps the car in balance because everything is unstable in this world.
  • Price range : (500 > 1 499 €)


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