• Dimensions : 21,5 x 30 x 19 cm
  • Material : Lost wax bronze
  • Year of edition : 2009
  • Number of copies : 8 copies + 4 Artist’s proofs
  • Description : “It’s like a spider watching over us!” This is certainly not the case, as the car has shaped our daily lives and is now closely linked with us. So we might as well treat ourselves, since we can’t do without them! However, all is not lost. Vintage cars are still running, like when an old engine that hasn’t been running for a long time is rekindled. The spark, like fire in prehistoric times, is a factor of life. “Antoine Arnoux, “The spark of an engine is a factor of life”, interview, March 2010.
  • Price range : (500 > 1 499 €)


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