• Dimensions : 33 x 14 x 14 cm
  • Material : Lost wax bronze
  • Year of edition : 2006
  • Number of copies : 8 pieces + 4 Artist’s proofs
  • Description : “This new alchemist transforms the original metal of these automobile parts; he takes these disparate elements, bends them, makes them dance, assembles them with tenderness, ennobles them by melting them into a new alloy. These “spare” parts, coldly utilitarian in origin, become tender and sensitive after passing through the hands of Hervé Nys – the artist metamorphoses them, a beautiful aesthetic is offered to us, coloured with a discreet humour. Let us listen to the song of the valves! “Sacha Sosno
  • Price range : (1 500 > 4 999 €)


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